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Home Heating Oil Tips

Use our top tips to look after your home heating oil – and help to save some money!

  • Keep an eye on your thermostat

It’s important to know how to work your thermostat, how to make sure it’s accurate and how to check it’s not on too high. Checking this regularly is one of the best ways you can save on heating oil.

It’s easy to just turn up the thermostat once the colder weather arrives and then forget about it, but this could mean you are burning way more oil than is necessary. Reducing the temperature by just a little means you could save money – and avoid running out of home heating oil unexpectedly.

  • Get a burner tune-up

You wouldn’t go for years without getting a tune up for your car, so why do it with your heating system? Both are things you want working with maximum efficiency. Oil burners can get clogged up with soot, lowering their productivity.

Getting your burner checked before winter hits will ensure you’re getting the most out of every drop of oil used – saving you money and worry along the way.

  • Insulation insulation insulation

Perhaps you’ve heard this before, but it’s always worth being reminded. Insulating your home well is the best way to make sure no heat escapes and you’re not needlessly turning up the heating and wasting oil and money.

Up to two thirds of the warmth that leaves houses goes through the walls or roof. It is well worth the investment to insulate your walls, roof and floor. Make sure you keep curtains closed after dark and buy some draft excluders for the doors to maximize coziness.

  • Put an additive in

Easy and cost-effective as a little goes a long way. A heating oil additive will mean the oil you are using will burn more efficiently and more cleanly – meaning the oil you are using lasts longer. It also stops deposit building up in your burner, reducing the need for emergency maintenance.

  • Be careful of heating oil theft

It is sad but true that many emergency heating oil deliveries occur because of theft. Longer nights in winter means that your supply might be more vulnerable – you don’t want to have to think about it, but it’s worth considering ways to ensure the safety of your heating oil.

Install security lights to deter potential thieves, or add a lock to your tank.

These suggestions should help your home heating oil last longer. However if you do find yourself in need of oil urgently, call us straight away and we’ll deliver your fuel within hours.